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USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2014 in a Nutshell

Here’s What You Wanna Know about the Bike Race Coming to Woodland Park, August 22, 2014 Decades ago, in the 1980’s, what was commonly known as the Coors Classic bike race became the 4th largest cycling event in the world—behind those little European races that bike racers ‘round the world get so excited about. Racing […]



We have written about symptoms and dangers of Altitude Sickness, of which hydration is an important element. Dehydration can occur whether you are at sea-level or atop Pikes Peak. Here in Teller County, at home as well as at campgrounds or on the hiking trail, it is a daily challenge to stay hydrated. Here’s what […]

View from Summit of Pikes Peak

Biking Pikes Peak

Guest Blogger: Julie Ann Nelson “Pikes Peak. America’s Mountain. You are now on top of the most visited mountain in North America.” These are the first words of an educational video that plays over and over and over for the thousands of visitors who enter the Pikes Peak Summit House. I know. . . I’ve […]

baking at high altitude

Baking at High Altitude

While Teller County is an ideal environment for training athletes, it is a challenge in the kitchen. The higher up you go, the lower the air pressure allowing for expansion of gases. Apparently, this effects just about every living thing. For years, when it came to baking, I took the advice of my friends but […]

fourth of july Woodland Park Colorado

2014 Fourth of July

The Woodland Park Old Fashioned Fourth of July and Friday Farmer’s Market were both a big hit today.  Tons of fun photos showcasing civic organizations, city officials, and our community spirit. See our photos of the Old Fashioned 2014 Fourth of July Celebration in Woodland Park, Colorado.  Small town at it’s best.  We know how […]

Yogurt Machines and Topping Station

Rainbow Twist Yogurt

Peek inside the new Rainbow Twist Frozen Yogurt shop in historic downtown Woodland Park, Colorado. Local review and photos. – Photos and article by Guest Blogger Darla Childers.


Olla Terva

Have you been to Olla Terve in the Gold Hill shopping plaza? This gem of a store is tucked away near the movie theater and offers a wide variety of products and services to improve health and well being. — Read more about this interesting local store from guest blogger – Erin Synder.

More About Woodland Park Colorado

Woodland Park, Colorado is known as a “pass-through” town, a junction for travel to other locations. It’s also been called a sleepy bedroom community adjacent to Colorado Springs.

But to the people who live and visit here, it is a unique, fun town with the personality of the modern west. We love our cowboys, outdoorsmen, and artisans alike. The passers-through don’t know what they are missing.

Woodland Park covers about 6 square miles and is surrounded by national forest which limits its growth. It is a small town of about 7,000 friendly people who are grateful for the enjoyment of living in what is a beautiful and serene natural environment.

Woodland Park Colorado - Up the Pass

In the 1880’s, with the road improvement up Ute Pass and the Midland Railway, tourism worked its way up to the town, and it still works much the same, even without the now defunct railway. Visitors come up “the pass” to get out of the smog and the heat, to hike our trails, and attend our festivals and our Farmer’s Market—one of the best in the state.

The City Above the Clouds has a moderate climate, really, the snow comes and it goes, unlike the cities on the western slope where the build-up of snow lingers from October to May. In the summertime, our daily—if we are lucky—rainstorms replenish our reservoirs and grow the beautiful wildflowers.

The city’s pavilion and cultural center often host free concerts—year ‘round. The Third Friday Art Walk is a popular event where select retailers and art galleries stay open late and wine is poured. Memorial Park, with its water feature, is a common area for picnics and gatherings.

We invite newcomers to replenish their spirit among nature’s plenty, to explore the history of Woodland Park, and to partake of the hospitality of our restaurateurs and proprietors.