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Recent Articles


Is Radon Gas a Problem in Your Home?

When we built our Teller County home in 2002, we were advised to consider the possibility that our granite soil may be emitting a potentially dangerous gas called radon. Digging deep into the soil and then trapping the gases within the walls of my home could build up to dangerous concentrations that could cause illness. […]

Chimayo Logo

Chimayo Turquoise

Located in a small building tucked away near the center of town, Chimayo Turquoise is easily one of the best kept secrets of Woodland Park.  This shop is much more than the handmade Kachinas, jewelry, carvings, rugs, and pottery you may see. It carries with it a fascinating history. Background When you walk in the […]

Kitchen and Homebrew Building Front View

Kitchen and Home Brew

  Photos and article by guest blogger: Darla Childers If you have not visited this store yet, you may be asking yourself, Is it a kitchen store or a home brewing supply store? The answer is: (drum roll please) Neither. Puzzled now? Well let me tell you, this store is more than either of those. […]

deer crash sign 1

Deer Crossing …or Crash

Especially during the rut season, late fall to early winter, late afternoon to sunrise, hunters will tell you deer like to roam around the woods from sunset to midnight and then again around dawn. As we all know, they also tend to roam across roadways. A deer jumped into the pathway of my vehicle on […]


My Sweet Escape Bakery

  Photos and article by guest blogger: Darla Childers What is red, white and cute all over? My Sweet Escape Bakery of course! Located in the Gold Hill North Shopping Center near Domino’s Pizza, this little gem will put you in a good mood just by walking through the door.  Whimsical décor, sweet treats delicately […]


Beirwerks Brewery

With one of the most visible locations on main street Woodland Park, Beirwerks is a well-known favorite for both locals and tourists.  The patio is hopping on any sunny day – in both warm and cool weather.  Beirwerks is a one of Woodland Park’s main hangouts, a micro-brewery with a friendly vibe. Food and snacks […]

More About Woodland Park Colorado

Woodland Park, Colorado is known as a “pass-through” town, a junction for travel to other locations. It’s also been called a sleepy bedroom community adjacent to Colorado Springs.

But to the people who live and visit here, it is a unique, fun town with the personality of the modern west. We love our cowboys, outdoorsmen, and artisans alike. The passers-through don’t know what they are missing.

Woodland Park covers about 6 square miles and is surrounded by national forest which limits its growth. It is a small town of about 7,000 friendly people who are grateful for the enjoyment of living in what is a beautiful and serene natural environment.

Woodland Park Colorado - Up the Pass

In the 1880’s, with the road improvement up Ute Pass and the Midland Railway, tourism worked its way up to the town, and it still works much the same, even without the now defunct railway. Visitors come up “the pass” to get out of the smog and the heat, to hike our trails, and attend our festivals and our Farmer’s Market—one of the best in the state.

The City Above the Clouds has a moderate climate, really, the snow comes and it goes, unlike the cities on the western slope where the build-up of snow lingers from October to May. In the summertime, our daily—if we are lucky—rainstorms replenish our reservoirs and grow the beautiful wildflowers.

The city’s pavilion and cultural center often host free concerts—year ‘round. The Third Friday Art Walk is a popular event where select retailers and art galleries stay open late and wine is poured. Memorial Park, with its water feature, is a common area for picnics and gatherings.

We invite newcomers to replenish their spirit among nature’s plenty, to explore the history of Woodland Park, and to partake of the hospitality of our restaurateurs and proprietors.