AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria

AJ's Stone Oven American Pizzeria

AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria

Pizza places seem to come and go quickly in Woodland Park (remember Jo Mama’s and Primo’s?), but I for one hope that AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria stays around for a good long while. While the restaurant is sparsely decorated, with 2 big screen TV’s showing sports, the pizzas are not! I’ve been several times with the family, and once with the kids’ baseball team for the end of season team party, and have never been disappointed.

The Garlic Bread Sticks and the Cheesy Garlic Bread are great starters, and we’ll be sure to try the rest of the appetizers soon. The salads are good as well – my wife thoroughly enjoyed the Antipasto Salad. I’ve not tried any of the pastas personally, but my daughter loves the spaghetti and the bow tie options. We’ve also not tried any of the subs or wings, but if they are anywhere near as good as the pizzas, then I’m sure you won’t be let down.

On to the main dish. AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria pizzas are very good. I’m somewhat of a pizza snob, having been spoiled by some great pizza in Santa Fe and Taos (Upper Crust and The Outback, anyone?), but I’d rank AJ’s up there with some of the best. We’ve had the Classic, the Meatball, and some of our own creation to date, both in Original and Thin crust styles. I typically prefer thin crust myself, but the thicker versions are just as good. Side note – a friend of ours has tried the Gluten Free crust and loved it! The pizzas are generously topped, with the right amount of cheese and sauce. Of course, that’s a matter of personal preference, but I’m sure if you ask, they’ll make yours however you want.

In addition to the standard sodas, etc…, AJ’s also serves beer and wine (dine-in only), if you prefer either of those with your meal. The staff are always friendly and the wait for your pie seems average (not too quick, not too long). As an added bonus, mention that you are local, and they’ll take 20% off of your bill. Not that the prices are high, but they are more than the chains. That said, we always have some leftovers to take home for another meal. I’m sure the big chain shops like Dominos and Pizza Hut will stick around, but hopefully, with a growing fan base and great customer service, AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria will be in Woodland Park for many years to come!



AJ’s Stone Oven American Pizzeria
751 Gold Hill Place, Woodland Park, Colorado

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AJ's Pizza - Pepperoni and Meatballs, with olives and bell peppers. YUM!

AJ’s Pizza – Pepperoni and Meatballs, with olives and bell peppers. YUM!

AJ's Garlic Bread Sticks (get extra napkins!)

AJ’s Garlic Bread Sticks (get extra napkins!)


  1. John says

    I disagree. Unfortunately I don’t think they will be around long. They take a long time. I’m talking an hour plus wait and then hearing they forgot about the pizza. Wings are nothing special. You get better at Dominoes. I like doughy knots, but when they aren’t cooked in the middle they get thrown away. May its just start up issues. We will have to see.

    • says

      Thanks for the input John. Sorry to hear about your wait. I’ve been in there 5-6 times, and have had to wait a max 20 mins from time of order to getting the pizza. Given what I feel is the quality of the pizza, I don’t think it’s too long a wait. Unfortunately, they did forget a side salad one of those times. Hopefully it is startup kinks and/or growing pains in your case.

  2. James says

    I’ve had mixed experiences at AJs. First time, the waitress brought a pitcher of the wrong beverage. She quickly corrected it and the pizza was out in a reasonable amount of time and good. Second time, ordered cheesy bread with ranch dressing. I actually got blue cheese and the staff discovered that all of the ranch containers were filled incorrectly with blue cheese dressing. It took them 4 tries to discover the problem. Order was received in reasonable time and cheesy bread wasn’t as good as the first time I went there. Third time I ordered to go. Pizza took 10 minutes longer than estimated (45 min instead of 35) but was one of the best pizzas I’ve had anywhere. My most recent and last time I ordered there (to go again) they were very busy and understaffed on a Friday evening. Customers were bussing tables for other customers who had nowhere to sit. My pizza (1 pizza) was estimated to come out in 45 min but we received it in more than an hour. We took it to a picnic to eat and discovered it was the wrong pizza, tasted horrible, and was under-cooked and was mostly dough. This may be due to start up issues but if they don’t make adjustments soon, I doubt they will be successful.

  3. Susan Frindt says

    My husband and I ate at AJ’s for the first time Saturday, August 10. We ordered the Classic and were very pleased. Loved the thick crust, crispy and light. The veggies on the pizza were not overcooked and tasted great. We will return and try other menu options.

  4. Mark says

    We have been to AJs about 6 times, I have been there when they were super busy and there wasn’t a table available but the owner quickly cleared a table when one was available. I have not had any of the problems with wait times others have written about. While I didn’t eat the wings my wife and grandkids did and thought they were very good. One time the root beer tasted like the carbonation was not quite right and they replaced it with a smile. I truly believe they will do whatever it takes to fix any issues that may arise. Anyone that had a problem I would ask that they give them another chance and I am confident they will correct the issues.

  5. Tina and Matt says

    We have eaten at AJ’s once. We did wait a while as it was packed, but they refilled my husbands beer on the house. Pizza was excellent and our server was such a nice young man who was always smiling. We love supporting local businesses, and we will go back often. Good job AJ’s!!!

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