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Here’s a round up of local authors and bloggers.  We encourage you to check them out and support local!

Teller County Colorado Bloggers

Amy Dale – local blogger and author.

CrippleCreekToday -keepin’ up with Cripple Creek happenings

Geeky Faucets – podcasts by locals Christine Lukasavige and Amy Dale. Also find them on YouTube and iTunes.

Jewels in the Road – blog from Leslie Jackson.

Neaten Your Nest – blog from local Erin Synder.

Scars and Tiaras, Love your Everyday Life – 2 blogs from Angela Giles Locke.

Barefoot Incline – blog from Jeff Gallup.

Peak Geek - blog from Matt Gawlowski.

Sacred Inner Path – blog from Ed Merrill.

Terry’s Place – blog from Terry Odell.   – blog from Rob Jewell.

local authors in Teller County Colorado

Teller County Book Authors

off with her heartAmy Dale

Amy Dale is a wife and mother of four. She homeschools, plays and writes music, paints a bit, draws a bit, and writes as much as she can. She grew up in Oklahoma, but now makes her home in the mountains of Colorado.

In her debut novel, Off With Her Heart, Amy Dale dives into the background of the tyrant queen known as the Queen of Hearts.


Off With Her Heart – Before there was an Alice, there was a Queen of Hearts. And before there was a Queen of Hearts, there was a girl who lost all heart. This is her story. Katy has spent the first twelve years of her life wishing time away. Until she finds herself sucked in a world completely out of time, a literal wonderland bursting with wild magic, beauty and technicolor dreams come to life. But this land also surges with an undercurrent of poisonous spells, dark forests, and deep evil. A place one could quite literally lose her head. It’s a world at once familiar yet radically distinct. Wonderland before Alice first arrived. A place where the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter roam alongside creatures such as a snake named Waith and a stuttering lizard known as Lutwidge. Katy never asked to be there – or for the life-or-death adventure she finds herself in. Yet in a kingdom where almost anything can happen, Katy must somehow awaken the one thing that’s impossible for her to live with or without…her heart.

corrine taylor deliverance of evilCorrine Taylor

Corinne Taylor is the pen name for Lisa Corinne Taylor Keuhlen. Deliverance from Evil ​is her second historical novel. Raised in Maryland, her family’s roots in Washington D.C. go back 6 generations. She presently lives in Colorado with her husband of 33 years, 4 grown sons, 3 daughters-in-love, and 1 grandson. ​  Disclosure – Lisa also co-owners this website, Woodland Park Local.

Deliverance from Evil – Corinne Taylor tells the compelling, true story of Florence, a young debutante in the late-Victorian, high society of Washington D.C., who sidesteps a local array of appealing, eligible suitors and chooses Tom, a stranger to the city. ​
Despite her other unrelenting suitors, Tom proves himself to be her truelove and an ambitious young man of great promise. With his impressive academic credentials and glowing references, he attains the blessing of her father, and their future appears golden. ​
Vulnerabilities, romantic idealism, and unscrupulous behavior converge within the young couple’s seemingly idyllic relationship and, ultimately, lead to a perplexing tragedy.
What occurred in 1915 splashed blood-red headlines across the front pages of Washington’s newspapers. It plagued Florence’s family with fear and suspicion, and left a wake of unanswered questions. Meticulous research into archived information has put these questions to rest, and a mystery is revealed that has lain dormant for four generations.

terry odellTerry Odell

Divide, CO

She is an author of romance, romantic suspense, and mystery novels, including the Pine Hills Police Series, the Blackthorne, Inc. series, and the Mapleton Mystery series. Her tagline is “Romance with a Twist of Mystery”. Ms. Odell has written too many books to list here on this page. But please see her website,, for a full list of all her published novels!

terry odell books


the aware investorDamon Lane

The Aware Investor – The AWARE Investor will grow your wealth with time-tested wisdom that never fails. Author Damon Lane shares the 5 powerful investing principles learned and applied over 28 years counseling thousands of people just like you to become successful investors. You will learn why the traditional investing methods of Wall Street keep failing investors and how you can apply easy-to-use strategies that will create confidence for growing your wealth and change your financial life forever. The author embraces the same methods of investing that’s backed by Nobel Prize winning economists and the likes of John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, and Investor heavyweights Burton Malkiel and Jeremy Siegel. Caution. If you are a traditional stockbroker/advisor do not read this book – you will only get agitated.

sidebar-ad1Michael Selden

The Boy Who Ran 

ndependent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Gold Medal, Children’s Fiction 2014

Judge’s Comments on Award: “THE BOY WHO RAN is a well-written survival tale about a Native American boy living in North America 6000 years ago. . . .

The Boy Who Ran is a wonderful, thought-provoking book and should be in every public library as well as elementary, middle-school, and high school libraries. It will provide many interesting classroom discussions about survival and the way the world was in ancient times.”
Somewhere near Ohio, 4000 BC.

then we ran book coverRob Jewell – Then We Ran

Then We Ran shows how lives can change when ordinary people commit themselves to exceed the expectations they have for themselves and that others have for them. A bond to run a marathon each month for a year joins two runners, an older man and a younger woman, as they strive to rebuild their lives. With one caring for a husband with early-onset Alzheimer’s and the other smarting from a failed marriage and mired in the complacency of retirement, they recapture the passion in their lives and discover the importance of love and friendship.



Vincent Scarleta -

Vincent (Vince) Scarlata is a children’s book author, having recently published his first book, “Honey of a Dog, A Book About a Little Dachshund”. Vince has been writing for many years – poems, short stories, novels and his children’s book. Trained as an English teacher, he spent most of his career in New England in the high-tech field. Vince currently resides in the mountains of Colorado where he continues to hone his writing craft.

Honey of a Dog by Vincent ScarletoHoney of a Dog – “Honey of a Dog” is a book about a cute little dachshund given to an eight year old boy for his birthday. Honey becomes a real dachshund as she grows older, endearing herself to everyone she meets. She is funny, cute, silly, protective and loving. Honey shows her dachshund nature as she takes over the house, doing what she wants whenever she wants. She sleeps wherever she wants, she gets whatever she wants. She is a spoiled little dog, but she is so cute. Honey loves her birthday when she gets special attention. And Christmas is best of all! She loves her colorful presents and all the excitement it brings.

Donna Lynn Hope

A Place Unconquered – Enigma – find it on Goodreads.

Vanessa Kilik

The Snow Globe Book – Children’s Book on Amazon

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